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In London, End of Tenancy Cleaning has been a worry for most tenants, landlords and agents. Choosing the right company is an easy task as some of the companies display what they cant offer. To determine whether your company of choice is reliable, put them through a test by checking the following;

  • The services offered by an End of Tenancy Cleaning Company is paramount in making your selection promptly. To identify a reliable company, you need to check the services offered. End of Tenancy is an adverse exercise that involves thorough cleaning both in the interior and exterior of the house. A reliable company will stand tall in London if it will be able to carry out an all-round cleaning service, as well as offering free carpet cleaning services.
  • Understanding of Green Cleaning and the products that are environmental-friendly to you and your tenants is something to take note of. Everyone wants to engage the services of an End of Tenancy Cleaning service provider that is up to the task to use products that meet the standards required. These products should also be safe for your surroundings. You will be able to attract the right people if your play right in cleaning your home.
  • Green cleaning is an attribute of any professional cleaning company. Quite often when you decide to clean your office locally, you wont know what works well for your spaces that is acceptable to meet quality standards and at the same time is environmental friendly. A professional company works tirelessly to ensure that green cleaning standards are maintained.
  • Did you know that your staff input in your business is something to boast about? You can make this possible by employing the right staff for your End of Tenancy Cleaning Company. This goes hand in hand with training them in the job. Clients will know you are reliable if your staff is able to do their job well.
  • Time response is a sign of reliability of an End of Tenancy Cleaning Company. You wont go wrong as a company responding to a clients inquiry on time, and being available when you make an appointment with a client.
  • Equipment that a company uses will tell a lot about their capabilities. Everyone desires to feel the value of their money while hiring an End of Tenancy cleaning company in London. You need to invest in the latest state of art equipment that is relevant to your work. Read more on EOT Cleaning website –



A landlord or an agent of a home or office should walk the talk. It is your duty to meet the needs of any incoming tenant to gain his trust. Cleanliness of your space will work magic for you. A courteous tenant on the other hand will never leave a dirty place. For this reason, an end of tenancy cleaning in London at the beginning and end of a tenancy period is vital for a good relationship between the tenant and landlord.

Judith Nazosiu