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With the constant changes in the weather due to the different seasons it is important to have an Air conditioner (AC) in your home. However, one has to always know when it is time to either repair or replace the AC.


Experts say that in order to know this, you should multiply the repair cost with the age of the AC and if it exceeds 5000 dollars then that is a sign you should replace it but if it less than 5000 dollars then you can repair it.

If you do decide to repair it the first thing to consider it is important to consider a professional to do it. The importance of a professional is;

  • They will have sustainable experience and expertise to get the job done efficiently.
  • They will have proper credentials and license to do the job.
  • They will have insurance that will be able to cover either you or the professional in case of an injury
  • They will be able to know exactly what the root of the problem is due to the fact that they have worked on various different types of ACs

You can also revamp your air conditioner in the home after repairing so as to give it a new look and feel. Revamping it will help maintain the A/C. This can be done in various ways such as;


Zoning creates individual or preferred climate zones in your home in different rooms. This is important to be able to meet various needs for each individual in your home. The professional you hire is able to help you design a system that works for you and your home. He/ She will install a control panel that will be used to communicate with the new regulators installed throughout your home.

One disadvantage of zoning is that it could cause equipment failure but home owners can avoid this by simply maintaining the air conditioner well.

Conceal the A/C unit

You can also revamp the look of youre A/C by fencing it in, building a dedicated structure around it or adding vegetation screens. These options help to create shade for the equipment which in turn aids in maintaining it, keeping it well ventilated and at the same time adding a new look and feel to your home.


A simple thing as cleaning youre A/C can play a big part in revamping it and giving it a clean new look. The simple steps that help in cleaning the A/C are:

  • Switch A/C off
  • Open and remove debris
  • Clean and straighten the fins
  • Clean and leave the unit
  • Clean the evaporator coil and plugged evaporator drain
  • Clean and dust the blower filter
  • Switch the A/C back on

Once you have done any of these things to revamp your air conditioning always higher a professional to handle maintenance and ensure the A/C is up to par.

The professional will be able to;

  • Check for any leakage using a leak detector
  • Seal any leakage in the system
  • Check for any wear and tighten any loose connectors
  • Check the accuracy of regulators


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Judith Nazosiu