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Wi-Fi boosters are essential gadgets for ensuring access to stable Wi-Fi connections. They are easy to install if manufacturers’ manual instructions are read and understood.

To begin with, you need to identify the range of your dead zone. Wi-Fi router boosters come with different range sizes, so knowing the range size you need to be amplified with the network is vital so that you can purchase the precise booster that covers your range.Setup Wi-Fi Router Booster

Before purchasing a booster box, examine your router so that you buy a compatible booster.

Identify a central area to set up your booster. It should be between the area experiencing little or no signal and the existing router on your premises.


Press on the WPS button on the Wi-Fi router booster.

The two devices, which is the router and the router booster will connect, and almost immediately network will be extended to the booster from the router.

Wi-Fi router boosters contain two types of antennas. One of them is used to capture the signal and the other for transmission of the signal. Adjust them effectively.

For the best result, the router should have a WPS button.

Ensure you have a strong password to avoid network leeches that may take advantage of being under your Wi-Fi range area. This will also assist you to control the usage of your Wi-Fi by switching on and off at your own convenience.

Test to see if the Wi-Fi has been amplified in the dead spot areas by using either a phone or laptop to surf while in those dead spot areas. Make readjustments of position or antennas to ensure you achieve the best Wi-Fi coverage.

Setup Wi-Fi Router Booster

Ensure the Wi-Fi booster is placed in a secure position away from water. The wireless Wi-Fi router booster cannot operate near a water body. It causes poor connection because water is a dense matter hence diminishing transmission. Therefore, a Wi-Fi booster should not be placed anywhere near aquariums, fountains, or flower pots.

There should also not be kept where there is regular human traffic. The human body also contains a lot of water and can also be a significant hindrance. That goes to say it should be placed away from the living room and furniture’s as these areas have frequent human traffic.

Like any other electronic gadget, it should be dusted regularly for prolonged use.

In conclusion

With the above factors considered, you are most likely to experience uninterrupted Wi-Fi connections with high speed.

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