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If you are looking for a feature-rich platform to set up a Membership plugin for your WordPress website, then ARMember is the best place to start. This plugin caters for a range of budgets, anything from a free subscription to premium memberships, they cater for every end of the spectrum, from site owners who have been in the industry for a long time, to newbies who are just starting out and beginning to learn the ropes. This is one of those top-of-the-line professional solutions that you would be crazy to pass up!

Top features to look out for


  • The first and most noticeable feature is the User-friendly interface. What most people dont realize is that a becomes popular if you can link it to your site, and get it operational without any programming experience. What this does is to allow your clients to go from a free subscription to paid membership gradually as they continue to learn the ropes. This is especially useful for new site owners, mostly those with little or no experience. It helps them to gradually ascend, and improve as they begin to learn what specifics they need, as well as the targets they want to achieve from their sites. A user-friendly platform gives you a feeling of warmth, and it shows that ARMember cares about even the most inexperienced of site owners.
  • Next on the list is the rare ability to manage an unlimited number of members, and to do it effectively. What you need is a plugin that maintains a high level of operation regardless of the number of members you have on your site. This plugin ensures everything runs smoothly, all your subscribers and members are well taken care of, and your website maintains its operational capability regardless of how many new members you features of AR Member plugin
  • A top feature that is usually lacking in most membership plugins is the fact that they are limited in the payment options they offer. Most sites either offer one payment platform or another or very rarely offer the kind of advanced options you get with ARMember plugins for WordPress. This plugin offers anything from bank transfer support to, 2CheckOut, PayPal as well as a wide range of other payment support systems that allow your members the added value of being able to pay at their convenience.
  • One feature that is absolutely necessary on any membership website is the Navigation filter, a system that allows restricted access to your members and subscribers based on their level of membership. If you have silver or Gold members, this feature filters them out and allows each access to content on your website that their level allows. This menu filter also helps to differentiate between subscribers and paying members, which makes it easier to develop content for both sides.
  • Membership Sites depend on developing a membership base, which is impossible if you dont have a constant flow of good content. What ARMember membership gives you is a content dripping platform that is fully automated. What this does simply, is to periodically facilitate a timed release of new, fresh content so your members are never bored. Depending on your specifications, this feature can release content, keep your website up and running, and ensure your members are always up to date with new content. Its a must-have for anyone looking to start up a membership site.
  • Its always a good feeling when a member upgrades their membership, this means your strategies are actually working and you have quality content. A good to ensure members see that you acknowledge their upgraded membership to reward their efforts. Rewarding your members by providing discount codes or giving prizes is a great way to encourage other members to do the same, and even more importantly, giving subscribers an incentive to become full members. Not too many people are inclined to pay money to membership sites, but with the right kind of incentives, more and more people will start to seriously think about it.
  • Another feature that comes in handy is a varying subscription plan. Options give people the ability to choose what suits them. Not just in terms of payment plans, but also in terms of how often they prefer getting information and new content. Some may prefer weekly updates, some monthly, while others are quite content with an annual newsletter. Having all these options allows you to be all-inclusive, and it makes your members feel at home.
  • Many of your members will also forget to renew their subscriptions every so often, and without an automated expiration email to remind them, it may seem like they have, perhaps, terminated their account. With this feature from the ARMember plugin, your members will get a reminder that their payment is due up to a week before, allowing them sufficient time to make payment. That way they dont miss a thing.

features of AR Member plugin

These are only a few of the features that make the ARMember membership plugin for your WordPress site the best and most effective platform for you. There are dozens of other quality, advanced features that all blend together to give you that top-of-the-line experience and to help your customers get the most out of your website. Easy navigation and customer friendliness are all you need to keep your clients wanting more, and paying even more for the services that you provide.


ARMember membership is all about keeping your site at optimum operating capability. The ability to drip feed content to your members, the top quality, easy set-up process, the flexibility and versatility to set up a feature-rich membership website, all these features line up perfectly to give you and your customers an experience to remember. If you are in the market for a premium membership site that can be used on many online platforms, then the ARMember membership plugin is definitely what you are looking for. All you have to do is follow a few easy steps and youll well on your way to top class service delivery.


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Judith Nazosiu