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A man with a full sleeve black cloak, a hat paired with a dainty wand, and a stern nonchalant sneer carried on their faces gives those magicians their authentic charm. Amongst the many tricks magicians perform, card tricks are an obvious classic. This branch of magic has an exceedingly large number of fans, even those who serve them!

Some of the most popular types of card magic tricks

Well, we love to get surprised by magicians with a swerve of our anticipated card or end up with the ace that you had imagined. But wait, there are many other famous card tricks out there that are supremely underrated.

Let us shuffle them away:

The Triumph trick

Triumph Trick

This is one of the most impactful yet mesmerizing tricks ever. The execution here is simple. In this trick, a member randomly chooses a card from the desk, which is then lost back into the deck. The magician then shuffles around the entire deck multiple times. This is followed by spreading the deck in smooth serve with all cards facing upwards except one. The sight of their turned over card surprises the audience during the moment of revelation.

The Four Aces trick

Four Aces Trick

The four aces trick can be played in multiple ways. Ace is the most distinguishable and easy to remember card that helps to elevate the grandeur of this trick. You can turn this method into different ways by either making them disappear all of a sudden from the deck or creating them at selected positions of the players choice. With precise shuffling and speed, the four aces can be manipulated however you want.

The Colour Change trick

A classic trick. Although this trick has many variations, the main buildup is the same; they only differ at the revelation type. This trick solely relies on the speed and neatness of the hands. The magician catches everyones attention by switching their chosen colour or making them think of the colour of their choice and replacing another one in front of them. The slightest of slowness can put this down.

The Prediction trick

This apparently impossible trick is a fascinating one. The audience goes spellbound to see the magician guessing the exact card, something that the player only thought of! This bizarre looking trick is based on mentalism, which helps to plant the card you want the player to think of in their minds. They choose their key cards as the game proceeds and are left in utter disbelief to see the magician precisely predicting them!


A magicians arsenal is incomplete without these classic card tricks. Being one of the most subtle forms of magic, card tricks tend to portray many flavours surprisingly. From the slightest of the sneak peeks to the swiftest card changes, there is a lot that cards can do!

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Judith Nazosiu