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Are you someone who grew up believing that you need to buy jewellery for every occasion? Welcome to the club! We know that it seems horrible that you have to repeat a few key pieces to match your OOTD, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

It is always preferable to

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In this article, we will tell you all about styling certain classic bracelets in a way that you look chic no matter what the occasion. Keep reading to find out more!

Party Fever

Be it dinner affairs or the cocktail hour, your goal is to add a bit of glam, a dab of quirky and a whole lot of pizzazz to your outfit. We are here to help. Little black dresses need to be accompanied by bracelets that add a bit of sparkle and jazz. Cuffs are your best bet in such occasions. Make sure you pick one that is chunky with a host of design elements that intrigue onlookers from a distance and entice them from a close proximity.

Casual Outings

The ever-elusive dream of looking your best becomes a matter of habit when you choose the right bracelet. It should complement your outfit while running household errands, strolling around your neighbourhood or going to brunch with your best friends. Layers are your friends. We recommend choosing a few quirky bracelets and piling them on top of each other to form a stack.


Formal Fashion

Believe it or not, getting the old-world charm right is easier said than done. Go for statement bracelets with studded crystals or jewels. You can also opt for the colour block route wherein you consciously choose a bracelet in a hue different from the one of your dress. Think a blue princess tulle gown with a sparkling emerald bracelet. Even a string of pearls is going to seem elegant if you make that the statement accessory of the night. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and make it count.


Workplace Wonders

Now heres a tricky one. Styling jewellery in the workplace has to strike the perfect balance between subtlety and classic styles. This is because flashy accessories are often frowned upon in traditional workplaces and will distract you throughout the day. You donot want your bracelet to be too flashy nor too dull or bland either. Sleek and slim bracelets that are functional and donot get in the way when you wish to type your heart away on a keyboard should be your top picks.


So, dont you perceive bracelets in a completely new light now? Start putting the aforementioned bracelet styling tips into practise and you will soon be the life of the party

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Judith Nazosiu