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Pink diamonds are captivating. With such striking hues, pink diamonds just seem to ooze romance, elegance and sheer luxury. As a piece in your diamond jewellery collection, pink diamonds are valuable, with the potential to far outshine and exceed your other diamonds.

What Kind of Value Are We Talking?

Pink diamonds can sell for more than 20 times their white diamond cousins. And for good reason, too. Its common to see some of our upper echelon celebs donning gorgeous pink gems, including Queen Elizabeth!

The Intensity Of Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds tend to range from a very light pink to stunning, rich Pink Panther-type shades. Just like other coloured stones, the more intense the shade is, the higher its value.

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Besides the stunning pink hues, these diamonds have extra colour components that makes each stone sensationally unique. In fact, its common to find colour modifiers such as purple, brown and orange in natural pink stones. To add to this, theres very little known about how pink diamonds are formed, which adds another layer of romantic mystery to these gorgeous gems, and sells pink diamonds that may catch your fancy.

So, Where Do They Actually Come From?

While the formation of these mysterious stones is a little hazy, you can find pink diamonds in several corners of our globe, including South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Tanzania and Siberia. Youll even find them in Australias Argyle mine.

Interestingly, its in the Argyle Mine where you will find the greatest quantities of pink diamonds, its also where you will find the best quality. Before theyre sold, the diamonds are carefully cut and polished. Yet, because it is so rare to come across a good quality pink diamond, for every million carats of rough diamonds mined, just one carat may be worthy of selling.

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Because pink diamonds are incredibly rare, you can land up paying up to a million dollars a carat in some instance. Remember, though, that the price range varies based on intensity, cut and colour.

Whats more, it is uncertain just how long the supply of pink diamonds will last, which is why prices might just soar as collectors realise supplies may run dry.

Pink Diamonds Worth Knowing About

You might have heard of the Pink Star Diamond. Its a whopping 59 carats and is Internally Flawless and Fancy Vivid Pink. Its also the biggest diamond the GIA has ever had the pleasure of grading, which means its significantly valuable, too.

Its not just the largest, though, it also has the highest gradings for both clarity and colour. Because the Pink Star Diamond is so very close to perfection, it reached a selling price of $71 million at auction!

Buying A Pink Diamond

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When it comes to buying pink diamonds, the cost often puts people off. Yet a pink diamond engagement ring makes for a one-of-a-kind gesture of love. Its also sure to be a completely unique engagement ring.

Just remember, though, that finding a pink diamond ring is sensationally rare and if you do want to spoil the love of your life, youll need to prepare yourself to spend a substantial amount! We promise you, though, its well worth it.

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