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Landlords have a lot of responsibilities. Managing properties is not as easy as it may seem. There are a lot of landlord safety checks UK that the landlords have to take care of. The safety of the property and the tenants are the landlords responsibility. Ignoring the safety of a rental property can lead to serious consequences.

The real estate industry is tough and if you do not keep the property in perfect condition then you will end up losing tenants. Securing tenants is essential for keeping a profitable rental property.

Here are the basic safety checks the landlords have to invest in to ensure that the rental property is in pristine condition.

1:) Maintenance and Cleanliness:

If you want to attract the tenants then you have to make sure that you are able to impress them. When you are looking for new tenants, you need to clean the property thoroughly before opening it for viewings.

safety tips for landlords

All the windows and doors of the property should also be in good condition. Broken window glass and locks not only make a bad impression, but they also indicate poor security. Regularly check the window latches and door locks so you can repair or replace them when needed. A property with broken windows and locks does not qualify in the category of safe property.

It is always a smart decision to change the locks as the new tenancies start.

2:) Get All the Essential Landlord Safety Checks UK Done:

There are a lot of safety checks that are the landlords legal obligation. If you do not want to face legal trouble and pay huge fines then make sure you are aware of all the safety checks that are your legal obligation.

A landlord is legally obliged to get an up-to-date EPC so you can give a copy to the tenants. You cannot advertise the property and look for a tenant unless you have an EPC. Another legal requirement is to get the annual electrical and gas safety checks. The electrical and gas certificate London are valid for twelve months so you have to renew them annually by carrying out annual safety checks.

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Every landlord needs to do thorough research about the safety checks they are legally required to carry out. The safety checks can vary in different areas so it is better to check so that a landlord can fulfill the responsibilities and not face any legal trouble.

3:) Financial Safety:

Landlords invest in rental property because they want to earn a profit. If you are constantly attracting tenants that are failing to pay the rent then you will find it hard to manage the property and earn a profit. Finding the right and reliable tenant is important. You need to conjure a tenancy agreement that includes clauses that ensure financial safety. A security deposit at the start of tenancy is a must. When the tenant pays the security deposit you have to get it registered within thirty days. You also have to inform the tenant of the deposit protection scheme that you are signing and give them a copy.

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